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Littlebridge Nigeria Limited started as a Consulting Company offering Strategic Marketing Consulting and Brand Management Services to Individuals, Commercial and Public Enterprises. The company was registered and incorporated in Nigeria with 100% Nigerian Ownership.

We are a value driven company delivering tailor-made world class end-to-end Marketing Concepts and Services. We are flexible, passionate and committed to being the player to beat in service delivery within the industry we operate. We offer unequal degree of impeccable customer care and reliable service delivery with integrity.

At ‘Littlebridge’, the real excitement is in playing the ‘Concept’ game. We creatively make your budget work harder for you. The concept of Littlebridge is not based on size of the bridge, but on the speed, simplicity and precision of our deliverables.

As at Today, Littlebridge has evolved by offering other services in Properties, Training, Healthcare and Financial IQ™ which is an Entrepreneurship advocacy brand.



     • To become the number one Marketing Agency in Nigeria by 2020



     • To deploy end-to-end marketing services to meet our clients’ business needs



     • To assist our clients achieve their business goals


     • Our values can be represented by the acronym G.I.V.E

     • God First: We put God first in everything we do
     • Integrity: We believe that honesty have no substitute
     • Value-Oriented: We are passionate about our deliverables
     • Energy: We have a get-up-and-go attitude



     • Consulting: Marketing, Branding & Sales Management
     • Outsourcing: Marketing, Sales and Media Departments
     • Projects: Planning and Implementation of Marketing Projects
     • Concept: Branding, Advertising, P.R
     • Training: Marketing & Sales
     • Event: From Concept-to-Delivery



     • Retainer-ship (minimum of three months contact agreement)
     • One off Service Engagement



     • We assist our clients to increase their Turn-over and Profit

     • We assist our clients to increase their Market and Brand share.