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We have supported and transacted businesses with various brands in Nigeria, this includes;          

  • IBM
  • Huawei
  • Total Nigeria Plc
  • Union Bank Plc
  • First Bank of Nigeria
  • Egypt Air
  • Shoprite
  • Technobrain Solutions
  • Ant-Hill Strat. Pharma Limited
  • ABJ Consolidated Nigeria Limited
  • Benko Diagnostics Services
  • Nubra Networks Limited
  • Paul Purple Clothing Line
  • Dabute Décor
  • Stellarmovies.com
  • Vision Range Nigeria Limited
  • Perk Digital Vision Limited
  • Cynosure Events
  • Leather Worth
  • Imagodel Enterprises
  • Neighbourhood Laundry Services
  • Davcom Technology
  • Bio-Centriaty Nig. Ltd. (Bovino Yoghurt)
  • Encore Management Services
  • Legend Victor
  • Air Dock Services Limited
  • Bimol Properties
  • ibeautiful
  • Davan Paints
  • Balanced Diet Limited
  • Crossway Global Investment Limited
  • Cupp Health Limited
  • Pathfinder Brook School
  • Opportunity Technology
  • Grafil Medical Limited
  • Allsort Warehouse Limited
  • Niger Bell Hearing Services
  • Allsort Warehouse Limited
  • Go Green Nigeria™

Client Highlight
Over the past three years we have acquired experience by helping to develop more than 25 start-ups and “Small and Medium scale Enterprises” (SMEs) in Nigeria.

Find below some of the activities with our clients;

  • We have supported such brands like Union Bank Plc, First Bank Plc, Total Nigeria Plc, Huawei and Shoprite with our Property Services / Solutions.
  • We facilitated a training session with Grafil Medical Limited on “Essential Skills for Effective Marketing”
  • We have been engaged (Retainer-ship) by Allsort Warehouse Limited to develop its TCP brand of bulbs in Nigeria. We organised Fundamental Selling training for the sales team and we are currently working with the team to achieve its objective.
  • We designed book covers and logos such as;
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  • We developed a business plan for “Paul Purple Couture” which was deployed to raise the required capital for setting up clothing line.
  • We assisted “Nubra Networks Limited” to set up a value added telecommunication service and assisted the business to grow from zero client-base to more than one thousand clients within a year through our business advisory, recruitment and training services.
  • We assisted “Ant-Hill Strat” to successfully come back into the Nigerian Pharmaceutical market after the company closed shop.
  • We assisted “ABJ Consolidated Limited” in ‘Performance Appraisal’ and “Training” of its sales force.
  • We assisted Allsort Sop Warehouse to achieve a 400% growth between Q4, 2011 and Q1, 2012. We offer other services such as staff recruitment, training, and business development.